We have a wide range of loyal clients that operate in miscellaneous fields of either the private or public sector, such as:

  • Insurance companies operating in the Greek Insurance Market.
  • Occupational Funds –Τ.Ε.Α. (of optional or obligatory participation).
  • Social Insurance Carriers (for both main and auxiliary pensions, Health benefits).
  • Companies involved in the marketing and circulation of hydrocarbons and natural gas
  • Companies that trade in the field of constructions and constructive materials.
  • Plethora of companies operating in the wide field of medical services.
  • Companies involved in Tourist Accommodation and Travel Market
  • Enterprises involved in Shipping and Marine Transportation
  • Companies listed in the Greek Stock Exchange Market (i.e. Oil & Gas, Basic Resources, Construction & Materials, Industrial Goods & Services, Food & Beverage, Personal & Household Goods, Health Care, Media, Banks, Technology, Financial Services)

In our clientele we have more than 300 companies for the application of IFRS/ IAS 19, US GAAP FASB – ASC715, Domestic (Greek) Accounting Standards as well as German GAAP.

In the following graph we present their distribution in relation to their operation field

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